Cooking up layouts

As per usual in a design company trial, a bit ago I had to make a layout out of supplied assets. I got to keep an A3 printout as a souvenir; as that memento is a bit crinkled, attracts dust, and doesn’t fit in my scanner, I quickly recreated a neater pic for you:


Anyway, the campaign those assets were for has come about, as one of the finished pages showed up on Twitter yesterday.

“Loads of @westindesign extractors in Nov issue #cookerhoods” (via Twitter)

Thanks to that link, I can compare what I made with what the professionals did and learn from it; noting that in retrospect the silver extensions of my Union Flag were unnecessary, the overlapping of items to remove the grid illusion, and paying attention to the kind of wording used in the final blurb.

As they say in America, The More You Know… only in the UK we didn’t get those PSAs, so I stick with Ralph Wiggum’s “i’m learnding“.