Half Locked (Down): Hourly Comic Day 2022

That blindsided me a bit… here’s my Diary Comic for 2022!

HCD blindsided me a bit this year, so I didn’t book the day off work to go and do something exciting for you… It was also a Tuesday, one of the worst times to get a comic drawn up over the working week afterwards. Regardless, I made the notes, then I got the tablet out again and got to it…

Click this link or the image below to read!


  • Extra grouchy this year, as I was going to be on holiday this January/February until Covid ruined all plans (again).
  • I’ve not been in my overdraft for a long time! Too much Xmas excess, remedied by transferring funds in from elsewhere to last until payday.
  • Dawn FM is smooth. This is the Weeknd song featured in the comic.
  • Keeping me company on the TV today once again was TripleJump: The “Knight Rider the Game” episode of Worst Games Ever to be precise.
  • Smug Mode resembles Kryten from Red Dwarf (because that’s where the phrase comes from).
  • I’ve not even met my Aunt’s dog or Cousin’s son yet (both 2020). Both are growing up fast!
  • This year’s end card is based on that there Wordle. I’ve not jumped onto this trend.