Then he scribbled away (Scribble scribble)

My Diary Comic for Hourly Comic Day, covering February 1st 2019. Footnotes included. This year I took the day off work, because who needs to see that drawn out again…

This is my ninth entry to the annual Hourly Comic Day. Friday February 1st, diarised into panels over the weekend (about 11 hours total of cranking out drawings). Be OK with going at your own pace – the point is to create and have fun!

I took the day off work, because who needs to see that again… but by making my day more ‘exciting’, various small events wouldn’t fit into 2 panels per hour:

  • Silently judging The Blanket art in the Piece Hall.
  • The ice cold tap and freezing hand dryer.
  • Peering through the Kitty Cafe windows to see a kitten.
  • Someone writing chord letters onto a public piano’s keys.
  • Wondering why Lego Spiderman has a giant robot, and Batman… and Poison Ivy?!
  • Trekking to the toilet in the restaurant, then realising I’d left my bags at my table. Still there when I got back.

Click below to read this year’s diary comic!



  • Snow patches in the North, light flutters, but bitterly cold. In America it was -40C, so mustn’t grumble.
  • The CROISSAN’WICH is on limited trial. I think Advertising Standards should put the feeble thing down.
  • I have been more adventurous with food, but as I was still full from dinner, the Harissa Lamb Koftas remained untested in the freezer.
  • I am seeing a doctor about those joints, thanks.
  • It’s a newer meme in the sports shop, but it checks out.
  • I’m now halfway down the Marvel TV series catchup list!
  • Hogarth’s downward spiral isn’t portrayed as cheerfully as Stewie from Family Guy’s parties.
  • After Earth is direct by M Night Shyamalan. But where’s the twist?
  • This year’s ending card is a reference to Netflix darling Bird Box. It’s not very good. A Quiet Place was better.
  • This year’s post title refers to that evergreen earworm, The Duck Song. I may have to give up on witty post titles next year.


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