Better late than never: Hourly Comic Day 2020

A new decade brings a new diary comic: My 10th entry to Hourly Comic Day! …Yes, HCD was in February, shush.

So, here we are. A new decade, which brings my tenth entry to the annual Hourly Comic Day!
Two months late.

Two things happened this year:

  1. I went on holiday for 2½ weeks on February 2nd. So I didn’t have the time or inclination there. Also, no ‘scurrying around airports’ diary comic for you!
  2. I lost my drawing mojo. While ideas can still come and go, it’s a great effort to actually sit down and sketch. It’s been a whole year since I last updated this blog as well, never mind overhauling the site itself.

Anyway, there’s nothing like a nationwide lockdown to make you sit in front of a lightbox…

Click below to read this year’s diary comic!

Factoids and Extras:

  • No, the illness wasn’t Coronavirus. Just a regular flu. Lucky me.
  • The woman in Greggs asked ‘eating in or taking out?’, despite having no chairs, tables, or spare standing space.
  • I passed a pavement sign that blew over in the wind. What is it with February 1st and high winds?
  • There was a red princess party wig, just lying on the street.
  • I synced my Kindle alongside the laptop. I found a 2nd hand Kindle Paperwhite 2 on sale for… £10. Couldn’t pass it up.
  • Spy in the Wild is not so much a nature programme, as a showcase for their Terminator animal-shaped spy camera technology.
  • This year’s ending reference is The Mandalorian, which I enjoyed!