Commitment, Salvation and Diction

I’ve reached that age bracket where a lot of my friends are getting married. I made a card last winter for one couple who got hitched, and yesterday another pair tied the knot!

I’ve known Mr West for almost a decade, and the now Mrs West for nearly as long, so they most certainly had to have a homemade card too. This one is also a pen and watercolour work, yet there’s no imitation of famous artists this time around.

Wedding Card for Mr & Mrs West
Deciding the inscription took some time.

This duo of feelies will likely become a trilogy, as there is one more wedding next month. The occasion is on May the Fourth, so stay tuned to see if I infringe on any Star Wars copyrights.

An acquaintance (who is already wed, for those keeping score) is branching out into his own first aid / CPR training business, and he knew I was the guy to hit up for a logo. Research showed that this kind of company always seems to use a combination of lovehearts, heart monitor lines and first aid crosses for it’s identity, so this one took a bit of a think to make more distinct. There was a heap of back-and-forth communication involved: Getting it down to case designs, then the decals, the colouring, selecting the font and word arrangment…

Save Someone logo - highlights of progress
Just some of the options exchanged by email.

…all leading to the result below. I’ll update this post with a link to his website when it’s up and running.

Save Someone Logo - Final

The third item I present to you is the result of a cold. While making their Emergency Escape Podcast, John of Final Boss Fight (who, like me, currently has no spouse) went for the phrase “Tech Ninja Dojo”, ended up at “Tech Ninja Dodo“, and decided he wanted to see that. We both have common grounding, but whereas I specialised towards imagery, he trained more to the production side of things. Anyway, he had a go and sent me his file, asking me to implement improvements.
Naturally, I went to town on it.

Started with the left one, turned it into the right one.
Started with the left one, turned it into the right one.

Once that was in the bag, I gave him a couple of pointers, along with the source file to use and learn from.
At one point the dodo was getting additional equipment, such as broadband cable Ninja rope and Ubuntu-shaped throwing stars, but we agreed to cut them in that they added too much visual clutter. At least it got to keep the sword, which is forged from the sharpest material known to man – plastic clamshell packaging.

Tech Ninja Dodo - additional kit WIP

That’s your lot for today. Go read a book or something!