Motorhome Maladies

The perilously perched Motorhome is introducing another thing wot I did at work… I put together an infographic / illustrated stats which cover the last few years of Caravan Guard’s motorhome insurance claims.

You can see the whole thing on the company blog herevia the below image, or on You can click it again in the C.G. post to go super-big. I’ve chopped the full-length preview of what awaits you into three, so you can see it at a reasonable size: To soak in all the graphical fineries, though, you should just click through already!

Caravan Guard Motorhomes Insurance Claims - Click to visit

A few months ago, armed with a massive spreadsheet from the Claims team database, we’d search for common words (“tyre”) and unusual words (“explosion”), getting enough stats together with enough variety and no repetition to proceed.
The background, header and logo are from the 2013 Infographic, while the three-quarter view motorhome parked by the Louvre is an existing asset from brochures. Which i’ve tweaked. Everything else, I made from scratch.

Here follows a list of trivia and accurate minutiae:
Photo of Louvre Pyramid, ParisMy maths skills melted while attempting to calculate how much glass the Gherkin had, ending up at a figure with which one could probably glaze all of City of London. I switched to the Louvre Pyramid; made of more sensible geometry, and in a more exotic locale.

Platinum Catalytic Convertor ringIn the catalytic convertor section, there really are 99 rings (the CC wedding ring is the 99th).

Screenshot of Grand Theft Auto (1997)For the car park section, I used sprites from the original Grand Theft Auto as reference.

Screenshot of fishing in MinecraftWith the Handbrake claims (also this post’s header image)… can you spot the fish swimming in the harbour?

Section of "Monster Oven" Instagram shotThe “Monster Oven” doodle I Instagrammed should make a little more sense now.

Photo of Swift Bessacarr 500 SeriesThe three motorhomes tied together with ribbon (and a keyfob gift tag) are the correct model. What do you take me for?

Damaged Emergency Services vehicles being towedYes, the six emergency vehicles claims involved 2 police cars, 2 ambulances and 1 fire engine.

Photo of Black and White helicopterAnyone recognize the helicopter? A bit before my time, but it’s still a reference. Your answer lies on YouTube.

I’d say that’s enough [Img] tags for now… G’night everybody!