Caravans and Bicycles

In February I started working for Caravan Guard (and it’s sister company Leisuredays), a medium-sized, family run insurance company. It’s no secret: My CV’s available on this website, after all. I’m in the Marketing department… as a Graphic Designer. Last month I moved to ‘Permanent contract’ status.

Success Kid and company logo
Success Kid approves.

I’ve been doing a huge amount of wonderful stuff, both straight-laced and silly, for both the Leisuredays re-branding and more general tasks. Making the sky blue on overcast photos. Adding and removing signs. Removing people. We’ve got new and updated booklets, flyers, folders, tiny stickers and big banners into production. I’ve made a truckload of icons, graphs and graphics, while correcting and refining the existing sets. I even got talking cows into a milk-bottle shaped mailer.

The major booklets and brochures are seen by tens of thousands of people, and i’ve been learning more and more as we go. Oh, and Marketing Team won Team Of The Year at the 2014 summer company doo. Again, Success Kid.

All this pre-amble is because the first piece I can show you from work that doesn’t need redacting relates to this weekend’s Grand Depart. The Tour De France cyclists are currently riding through God’s Own Country, Yorkshire (the top photo is me battling through Leeds). Caravan Guard ran a contest in April to win a stay on the route this weekend, and I put the header image together. Some parts are from a bank of assets, others built from scratch. Yes, I drew the blummin’ bike.

Another employee was the cyclist model here.
The cyclist is based on a photo from another employee’s charity ride.

The Tour itself could not be explicitly mentioned without handing them a wad of cash, which is why no-one is wearing yellow / wearing the TDF logo, and the article’s wording was chosen carefully. The yellow bike at the back is coincidence. Just one more thing… the hill and the sun in this picture match the ones in Caravan Guard’s logo.

More soon!