Doodling Day

My sixth Hourly Comic Day! Well, Diary Comic day maybe, as it took 4 days to finish. 2016’s the first year you get to see me at my Graphic Design job!

This is my sixth Hourly Comic Day comic, and the first one featuring me at my Graphic Design job! I actually started there in 2014, but as the last 2 years have been weekend comics, you didn’t get to see owt.

Click the image below, or this sentence here, to read the full comic!

Usual disclaimer: I take notes and doodle later, so this is more of an annual Diary Comic for me. Reassuringly, one of the big-name artists did similar for 2016:

The last few nights have seen notes sorting, pencils, inks, scanning, digital cleanup, making the subpage, and typing this up (this, here, now).

Footnotes and trivia

  • Various high-profile celebs died of cancer in January, hence questioning the radio.
    • Terry Wogan died the previous day (January 31st).
  • The electric racket is a bug zapper called The Executioner.
  • Looking at the tablet invokes the Obama “Not Bad” meme.
  • “Work work work” is a phrase from Blazing Saddles (and The Producers musical).
  • Some Weeknd songs are safe for work, but just check the lyrics to “Often” or “Odd Look“.
  • The Simpsons episode was the first one with Roofi in it.
  • Moonwalker is… odd. Scattershot with plot, changes art style often, and the King of Pop is a Transformer.
  • The ‘shaving song’ is Sweeney Todd’s “The Contest“. Appropriate, although I only know the movie version.
  • While watching The Undateables, my head’s suddenly the ‘Face With Tears of Joy’ emoji.
    • I watch too many dating shows.
  • The end picture is the ending to Se7en.

A few recommendations

Check #HourlyComicDay for much, much more.

One last thing – I adapted my favourite panel to use as a profile picture.

What the hell is going on.

That’s it for another year – Get out!