Hourly Adventures

Houly Comics Day 2013 Banner

They say third time’s the charm – February 1st has been and gone again, bringing my third entry to Hourly Comic Day!

Still in the same employment and living space as last year’s edition, but it was a Friday, with a house party to liven things up.
Rough notes and scribbles were done in the hours themselves, and neater pictures over the weekend: That makes this more of a Diary Comic than an Hourly one. Some get their chronicle of the hour done at the end of each hour itself. Others do comics in bulk on the day, although this can lead to some of their panels being “drew some hourly comics”. The remainder use “my” method.

Click on this link or the above image to view this year’s submission!

Insider bonuses:
• The Rihanna video at lunchtime was “We Found Love“.
• There is actually a font for Asterix-style swearing: Menswear.
• The relaxing music at 4am is by the Eels (songs like “Railroad Man“).
• The drinks bottle is doing a Michigan J. Frog impression.

See also: the chestburster from Spaceballs (right).

A few other hourlies I can recommend: Hugh Raine, Timothy Winchester, Anthony Clark, Monica Ray and Phillip Marsden.

Now to prepare for February 14th… my friend’s birthday!
Yes, i’ll likely make that joke next year too.