Hourlies and Sweeties

Hourly Comics Day 2012 Banner

As evidenced by the above, the time came for my second entry to Hourly Comic Day! Since last year’s edition I’ve gained employment and moved house, so it took a few days to finish the sketches. More time passed before a scanner was obtained, but I uploaded rough camera pics for the interim. This link or the above image lead to this year’s submission.

Insider bonus: Panel 2 is basically People I Know fan art.

Boohoo. Left is mine, Right is Timothy Winchesters.

There’s also been that popular event in the middle of the month. Yes, my friend’s birthday!
…OK, I mean Valentine’s Day. Although I do know a girl born on the 14th.

I made cards for a few work lasses. None of them truly amorous, but each one hand-crafted, unique to the recipient, and with a “pop-up” image on the front. They were well received, and one or two of the sweet little things (the cards…) are still loitering on desks 4 days later.

Names have been removed to protect the innocent, and you don’t get to read the messages inside. Follow this link to go see!

Valentine's Day cards 2012