Who’s Got the Time: The Poster

This time next week, Bradford Playhouse’s 24 Hour Show will kick off. I thought the poster i’d designed was on this blog already… Let’s fix that right now.

This time next week, the 24 Hour Show will kick off.

At the Bradford Playhouse on Friday night, Bradford Uni’s musicals society (BUSOM) will learn what show they’re performing for the paying public exactly 24 hours later. Everyone stays up all night, learning songs and lines, building set (safely!), painting, rigging, sewing… and eagerly anticipating the breakfast butty run.

I thought the show poster had featured on this blog already, but my post about the 2014 event pre-dates it. Let’s rectify that right now. Behold, the 24 Hour Show 2016 poster:

24 Hour Show 2016 Poster
Audition Friday – Perform Saturday – Sleep Sunday.

It’s big and bold, and i’m proud of thinking up that headline. There’s a list of ways to get involved down the right hand side – you don’t have to sing to help out a musical society!
I would, however, like to re-jig the list next time to fit costumes and makeup in. Sorry guys!

The clockface background is adapted from the old 2014 poster (see the post linked 2 paragraphs ago).

I first designed this poster for the 2015 show, with a Red/Orange colour scheme. What colour’ll be next year? (I’m betting Green).

24 Hour Show 2015 Poster
2015’s 24 hour show was ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’.

I’ve booked a 4-day weekend off work this time, intending to go the distance with the techies and propmasters. Come down and see us Saturday night – it’ll be entertaining, in spite of (or because of) a high chance of incoherant actors!

Rectuiting at Bradford Uni's Freshers Fair.
Recruiting at Bradford Uni’s Freshers Fair