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In this post i’ll cover this year’s Hourly Comic Day entry, a few tidbits of extra info, a handful of examples from other partakers, and bring up a hithero unmentioned comic batch I did…

Let’s jump right in, and elaborate after: Click the image below, or this link right here, to check out my diary comic for 1st February 2017!


  • La La Land is not worth 14 Oscar nominations, but it’s still good, and the soundtrack’s grown on me.
  • I saw another 2 ladybirds a few days later…
  • The birds on the calendar are Cyanistes caeruleus (Blue Tits).
  • My phone said the run took 29 minutes. The next day, Runkeeper said it took 31 minutes. I choose to believe the former.
  • I bought a few things with some of the money saved from Dry January: The Lego man arrived first. #TreatYoSelf
  • The Legend of La Mariposa #1 is real good. Detailed yet stylish, with real world-building in 20 pages! I’m pick up issue #2 at the next Thought Bubble.

Every year I remind you that I don’t draw these by the hour. They’re done quickly, but not that quick – It’s just not my way of doing things. Otherwise every panel would be ‘here I am drawing the previous hour’. It’d also cause productivity issues at work…
At least for the last 2 years I’ve had the foresight to pre-prepare pages with blank panels!


Search for the hastag #HourlyComicDay on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. You’ll find a treasure trove of talent… I don’t know how many of these guys do it “properly” (every hour), but if they did, i’m very surprised and jealous.
So, a few random examples of what other people got up to!

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Circle of life #hourlycomicday

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Beatonna Xmas 2016 comic (sample)

Judging by the frames, I think she draws them digitally.

Kate Beaton, Canadian comic artist extraordinaire, regularly doodles diary comics when she goes home to the family for Christmas. They’re all very charming – when it comes to family, you just can’t write this stuff. Click the example below to visit her full gallery, around 40 comics strong!

So last Christmas (2016), laying about with time off and laid up with a wonky hip, I had a go at my own Christmas comics. Same rules as the hourlies – Take notes, draw later.
My final count nearly matched Kate’s: I completed 35 festive comics!

A small sample of six (click to view):

I shared them on Twitter and Facebook in January, just not via this blog.

The complete set is currently lounging around on my Tumblr: Click here or the image below to go and have a gander!


A cover lovingly prepared in under half an hour.

p.s. I’ll split this last part out into its own short, retroactive post soon.