The Hours

Carl Mitchell's Hourly Comic Day 2015

Another year brings another February 1st. I’ve completed Hourly Comic Day 2015; my fifth. It was quite eventful considering it was a Sunday.

As usual, I didn’t do it in real-time. While in 2013 it was on a Friday (so I had all weekend free to draw, ink and scan), this year’s being a Sunday meant i’ve been doing all that in evenings through the working week.

Not much remains to be said in terms of preamble. Click the image above or this link right here, and it’ll take you to the full thing.

It’s time for a round of footnotes!

  • I’d been to someone else’s birthday party the night before. Heavy.
  • I grew the beard for a local production of Pirates of Penzance. I was advised to keep it.
  • The dirty bus also had an advert for Mortdecai. It looks dumb but fun.
  • The movie with pig-faced girls and eyepatches is called Penelope.
  • The girl turning 30 is one of the bathtub girls from the 2013 hourlies.
  • That evening meal had nearly an hour between each course. Maddening.
  • The birthday girl’s card may have been store-bought, but I still customized it.
I got a similar card years ago. I got a similar card years ago.

The forum that used to host Hourly Comic Day has been discontinued: It’s all in social media now. Search for #HourlyComicDay on Twitter or Instagram or what have you. Conveniently, the names i’d recommend to start you off show up top in the Twitter results: Kristyna Baczynski, Sarah McIntrye and Graham Annable. Go, read things!

p.s. One part of my Comics Masterplan is collecting these hourlies into a Volume… there’s a balance to be struck between page count and panel size. Working titles? “A Half-Decade of Mundanity” or “5 Grim Years Oop North”.