Send out a Clacks

It’s another Friday update!

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld; one of the very few novel series i’ve read from start to finish. Love ’em. There’s a dedicated Wikipedia for many things, and these books have one.

The picture they had for a Clacks (a Semaphore tower) is, in a word, awful. So I thought i’d wade in and bring a nicer one to the table.
I made two.

Carl Mitchell's First Clacks Tower - Click to enlarge

I started drawing this “technical” one first. Realising that the thin lines and angle would make it unclear at a low resolution, I soldiered on none-the-less, and decided to draw a second, smaller, rougher one to make up for it.

Carl Mitchell's Second Clacks Tower - Click to enlarge

I actually prefer this smaller one. It must be the shading.