Three Parties

The UK General Election Day is here! Today the three main political parties are fighting for dominance. I voted by post – No, I won’t tell you who for, but i’ll let you see what i’ve produced:

Three Parties - click to enlarge

One of my first shots at caricatures went off OK!

It’s actually a portrait image, with a little more at the top & bottom than you see above – Click on it for the full image, at a higher resolution!

Tweet Tweet

You know what’s all the rage these days? Twitter. I’ve been on it for a year or so now, and while updating the social media links on this site, the Twitter bird is getting special attention.

Carl's Twitter icon
Yes, those glasses are a near-replica of my own.

I did design an infobox to display the latest tweets, but as they’re not overly professional perhaps just a link is best. It means that lovely image can be larger too. I’ll let you take a peek at what could have sat under the design link on the right:

Carl's Twitter update box

Leiapography: Double Dipping

Princess Leia Organa joins the Star Wars Typography lineup (after Admiral Ackbar and Darth Vader), not once but twice! The first one is a regular bust…

Leiapography (Regular)

…while the second one is the “Hologram Edition”, with a blue tint and added hood.

Leiapography (Hologram)

Both bear the discreet inscription “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope”. Click on the images to see them larger at DeviantArt!


Vaderpography - Click to enlarge

Voila! The second “Star Wars Typography” work has arrived!

There could be a whole series of these, if the kinks can be worked out. Ackbarpography is doing well, being available to buy from SplitReason and all. There’s this one. Princess Leia is upcoming… sadly, she’s looking mostly dead right now!

Ghostbusters, Monkeys and Smoking Jackets

Did you think you’d see those three things together this morning?

Recently I joined a small group of candidates, applying to illustrate an “epic poem”. The ringmaster sent each of us an excerpt, requesting a couple of sample images in return. Here are my two submissions:

Old Egon (thumb)

Suave Monkey (thumb)

Why you’re seeing them now? Well, the email I received last night states that I didn’t get the contract. At least that means these images are totally my property.

The spitting image

Been dabbling with a new concept for this site. In the footer, there’s currently this little fella:

Not the Twinkie Cowboy

This rough sketch of a figure is currently too much like Twinkie‘s cowboy mascot to get away with. The cowboy without any clothes on, but still.

I changed him to green, which suddenly made him look like Gumby.

If this concept goes any further, then this guy will need a re-think to avoid any copyright infringement!

3,000 DA views!

Hey hey! My DeviantArt account just ticked over 3,000 pageviews this morning!

I had been preparing a special little comic to mark the occasion, but by the time it was finished the count read 3,007. It’s still good – here’s to 4,000!

3000 page views comic - Click to visit
If you’re asking “Who’s that Short Round accompanying your handsome self on the hill?” it’s my old character Super Turnip: He hasn’t been in anything for a while.

Trash Can Cuisine

Trash Can Cuisine - click to enlarge
A.K.A. “Streets of Lunch”.

Here’s my latest entry into the SplitReason voting pool… can you guess the video game reference?

Streets of Rage, the old Mega Drive beat-em-up videogame. All the items pictured are either health pickups or weapons available in the game – The tagline for this image is “all I need is a fork”.