Shiny new boxes

The site now has new information boxes!

OK, so their function is a bit boring, but they’re very important: Not having any easy to find my CV or contact details would be a disaster!

You may have already noticed the new “Social Corner” box on the right, below the Featured Work boxes. Yep, that’s where the Latest Tweets box I mentioned before was going to live, but this box is more sleek and comprehensive. I kept the bird. I like him.

The main event is on my About & Follow me page. Before the valuable info below the blurb was a simple paragraph and a few small images, which along with lacking something to be desired, didn’t stand out as it should. Now all the links are combined into three boxes, and looking sharp! For extra “ooh”, move your mouse over the download links in the left box… I like that code!

p.s.: I made all the icons myself. Some from scratch, some heavily modified from commons images.

p.p.s.: The site background is now darker too. Like? Dislike? Let me know.

Tweet Tweet

You know what’s all the rage these days? Twitter. I’ve been on it for a year or so now, and while updating the social media links on this site, the Twitter bird is getting special attention.

Carl's Twitter icon
Yes, those glasses are a near-replica of my own.

I did design an infobox to display the latest tweets, but as they’re not overly professional perhaps just a link is best. It means that lovely image can be larger too. I’ll let you take a peek at what could have sat under the design link on the right:

Carl's Twitter update box