Here be logos and leaflets, adverts and apps.

The Mysterium

Identity for publishing arm.

Cliffe the Caterpillar

write here

Show programme – Maskerade


Eight page, A5 programme I made for a local theatre productions – The Bradford Playhouse’s play of the Terry Pratchett novel.

Black and white inside with mostly hand-drawn images. The Maskerade programme was originally created as a Tête-bêche.

Take a look inside using this link (powered by issuu):
· Maskerade programme

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Overgate icons

Some ‘credibility’ icons for Overgate Hospice, to use on their literature.

Includes full colour and single colour versions.

Office mailer

Papercraft of Office mailer? (prototyping)

Oscars invites

Invites for my work’s big summer party.
Details obfuscated.

2016 – Glow

2017 – Welcome to the Jungle

2018 – Best of British

Aggregator brand runners-up



L.E.A.F. insurance

Just Right insurance

Prime Spot?

Smooth insurance?

My Retreat insurance?

Happy Place


  • not a red balloon (IT)
  • not blue and white (Ultramarines)

Brochure cover / internal pages

Website header photos


Daft Apeth Industries

Daft Apeth Industries (Identity)

inc. pixel Favicons (make SVG version?)

Values video

Motion Graphics (values video)

Team Caricatures

Leisuredays Development team caricatures

(with photos to compare)

FND logo

New FND Logo for 2011

A revamped Friday Night Disco logo for University of Bradford Student Union. Based around the idea of glowsticks and star-wands (on a shape resembling a student card), it was used from the middle of the 10/11 year to the end of 12/13!

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Fancy Dress Ball logo


Created as part of an application project to an online fancy dress company. The shinyness (gold with white stars) is for fun and glamour, while the box shape with items (and the name) inside shows they’re a mail-order business. Also note that the items themselves include a moustache and a pirate hook, to inform visitors that this site caters to both sexes.

For another item from this project, see my Illustration page.

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Show programme – Moby Dick


Eight page, A5 programme I made for BUSOM’s main show 2015: A production of Moby Dick! The Musical.

Full colour with primarily Photoshop-based images.

Take a look inside using this link (powered by issuu):
· Moby Dick programme

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