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Northern Monkey

My brother is a web developer who lives down south. He’s doing so well that he’s starting up a Limited company to be his own boss: Daft Apeth Industries, a name he’s been using for years. Naturally knowing what I do, he called up and said I could help with his branding.

Starting out, I drew both humoured chimps in flat caps and self-closing HTML tags with hammers. Here are the neater ones:


Bit of a Soviet thing going on with the hammers and red.

Brother liked the font on the latter, and the ape on the former. The feedback was “make him less goofy and more angular”, in black and white or one-colour (clearer and saves on print costs)…

Stripping it back to the outlines, I challenged myself to re-draw the Apeth without using the Convert Anchor Point Tool (I love that little hollow cursor). Only straight lines. The result wasn’t too shabby…

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Pixel Polygon Pushers

Many are celebrating the start of the eighth generation of video games consoles today, with the launch of the PlayStation 4 in the US… seemingly ignoring that the Wii U was released last year. On this frabjous day, i’ve decided to share my gaming machines icons pack.

Sony console icons

Sony consoles say Hi.

I started the pack years ago to use with emulators and practise my pixel art. Initially drawn up for 256 colours and 32×32 dimensions, they don’t use that old Windows standard colour palette now, yet the CDs are the only icons that go over 32 colours, and the only ones which took anything more than the Pencil tool to create.

I have a few older revisions kicking around, so can show you some improvements that came with time:

Old and new console icons

Left sides: ’09 or earlier. Right sides: ’13.

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Busy Bee

It’s my dad’s birthday this weekend. He’s been retired for a few years now, but is always up to something, he’s not the idle sort. For the last couple of months he’s gone to meetings about bees. He’s bought a bee-keeping suit, but there’s no hive in the garden… yet.

While mum considered digging Bizzy Buzzy Bumbles out from the attic, I made this. The inside reads “Dad-Bee Birthday!” (there’s a reason I didn’t write “Bee-Day“).

Dad-Bee Birthday Card

Yes, Dad has a moustache. No, he doesn’t have wings.

Hand-drawn then coloured with crayons, the bumble bees are raised from the card slightly on paper blocks. The day before gifting it, I happened across a YouTube tutorial to make wiggle-springs for cards: I carefully prised Dad Bee off and re-applied him with one of those installed!

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Food That Fought

You may have seen that Youtube had a redesign: They call it One Channel, and it provides a more unified experience across a few different platforms. One consequence of this is that whether your YouTube channel is on a computer, phone or television, it uses different parts of one large backdrop.

YouTube One Channel background specifications

Here’s the template people have to work with.

I don’t really use my YouTube account for projects any more, as i’ve sidled away from video and 3D animation projects (the ancient ones are still there and on Vimeo). John and the Final Boss Fight team do though…

Captain Crumpet - click to enlarge

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Thread Count

Update: Off The Market was been accepted, and voting is now closed.

Threadless is arguably the most famous t-shirt site. Artists submit designs, either in general or as part of themed contests, which are then voted upon for a chance to join their product line. They’ve expanded into further clothing, wall art, cards, phone cases… good fit, good quality and good designs.

After posting earlier this month about all those cards I made, a Threadless newsletter had a word in my ear, introducing the contest Greeting cards II. T’was a sign!

I’ve tidied up two cards which are featured on my portfolio pages, but have only been mentioned in passing. Get Better Than The Weather was a Get Well Soon card for a work friend, while Off The Market was a Valentine’s Day card for a newlywed, but for the purpose of the voting is a Wedding congratulatory card.

Both are now up for scoring on Threadless for the next 9 days (until about the 6th of June). Click a link or picture below to hit ’em up high, why don’t you?

Get Better Than The Weather - click here to go vote

Off The Market