Play with Cliffe

Cliffe Castle Museum contacted me a while ago (I can’t tell you when, as the email has disapparated) – They were getting the builders in to construct a new children’s playground, and asked my permission to put Cliffe the Caterpillar on it!

I gave the go-ahead, and they proceeded to lay down some outlines with thermoplastic. By the time August rolled around, news broke that the playground was ready to open to the public. I eventually found some time to stop by in a very wet and grey October…

Family faces blurred out.

It’s a neat little run-around, with trampolines and tunnels along with the swings and sandpit. If I was a kid, i’d enjoy it. If it had been completely unattended, i’d have likely had a go on the swings.

“Hello there”
Leaf and Caterpillar
Cliffe the Caterpillar the Butterfly!

You can see these shots (and a couple more) a lot bigger on my Flickr photostream.