Doodling Day

This is my sixth Hourly Comic Day comic, and the first one featuring me at my Graphic Design job! I actually started there in 2014, but as the last 2 years have been weekend comics, you didn’t get to see owt.

Click the image below, or this sentence here, to read the full comic!

Usual disclaimer: I take notes and doodle later, so this is more of an annual Diary Comic for me. Reassuringly, one of the big-name artists did similar for 2016:

The last few nights have seen notes sorting, pencils, inks, scanning, digital cleanup, making the subpage, and typing this up (this, here, now).

Footnotes and trivia

  • Various high-profile celebs died of cancer in January, hence questioning the radio.
    • Terry Wogan died the previous day (January 31st).
  • The electric racket is a bug zapper called The Executioner.
  • Looking at the tablet invokes the Obama “Not Bad” meme.
  • “Work work work” is a phrase from Blazing Saddles (and The Producers musical).
  • Some Weeknd songs are safe for work, but just check the lyrics to “Often” or “Odd Look“.
  • The Simpsons episode was the first one with Roofi in it.
  • Moonwalker is… odd. Scattershot with plot, changes art style often, and the King of Pop is a Transformer.
  • The ‘shaving song’ is Sweeney Todd’s “The Contest“. Appropriate, although I only know the movie version.
  • While watching The Undateables, my head’s suddenly the ‘Face With Tears of Joy’ emoji.
    • I watch too many dating shows.
  • The end picture is the ending to Se7en.

A few recommendations

Check #HourlyComicDay for much, much more.

One last thing – I adapted my favourite panel to use as a profile picture.

What the hell is going on.

That’s it for another year – Get out!