Sixty Minutes in 2 Panels

Hourly Comic Day 2014 Title Image

This is my fourth year of Hourly Comic Day: As with previous years, I got sketches and notes done at the time and sat down to draw them the next day (otherwise i’d get funny [funnier] looks in the nightclub with pencil and paper). Stuck with 2 panels an hour.

Clicking the image above (or this link here) will yield a different result to previous years: Rather than pointing you to my submission on their forum, it’s now hosted on a simple sub-section of this site. I’ve uploaded my older hourly comics here too, which were pencil-drawn the first time round, and have now all been inked!

Comic panels. Left: Pencil. Right: Inked.
That’s 95 panels, 6 header / footer images, and all the text, redone.

Random gubbins:

  • My text alert is the ‘Select Fighter’ sound from Street Fighter II (02 in the Sound Test).
  • I’ll read The Hobbit after seeing the third Hobbit movie, so it’s not ruined by comparing it to the source material (as my bookworm friends can already attest to).
  • The Jack Daniels ‘Gold Medal Louisiana Purchase Exposition’ glass can’t fit a full can of Coke in it, but it looks nice.
  • The guy i’m yelling to about the band is the “karaoke loser” from last year’s comic.
  • I approved that Facebook photo anyway (it’s dark and kinda blurry).
  • I was looking for Serenity, but i’d rather have it on Blu-Ray.


Recommended hourly comics for this year: Hugh Raine, Samantha Leriche-Gionet, Wendy Atakai, Matt Knieling, Graham Annable, Marc Ellerby, Carey Pietsch… loads, actually.
Visit the official forum or search #HourlyComicDay on Twitter to find some!

p.s. Nah, not making last year’s joke again.