Here be logos and leaflets, adverts and apps.

Show programmes



Eight page, A5 programmes i’ve made for local theatre productions. One is black and white inside with mostly hand-drawn images, while the other is full colour with primarily Photoshop-based images. The Maskerade programme was originally created as a Tête-bêche.

Take a look inside them using these links (powered by issuu):
· Maskerade programme
· Moby Dick programme

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Fancy Dress Ball logo


Created as part of an application project to an online fancy dress company. The shinyness (gold with white stars) is for fun and glamour, while the box shape with items (and the name) inside shows they’re a mail-order business. Also note that the items themselves include a moustache and a pirate hook, to inform visitors that this site caters to both sexes.

For another item from this project, see my Illustration page.

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Gamepower Magazine


Cover for a fictional video gaming magazine. My favourite part would be the triple-pun in the heading “Second Life”: It’s the title an an unrelated online game, the game itself is based around Vampires (vampires being in their second life), and the article relates to the reinvigoration of this particular game’s life!

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FND logo

New FND Logo for 2011

A revamped Friday Night Disco logo for University of Bradford Student Union. Based around the idea of glowsticks and star-wands (on a shape resembling a student card), it was used from the middle of the 10/11 year to the end of 12/13!

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Club flyer

Ground Floor club flyer design

A6 flyer for a fictional nightclub.

Final Boss Fight branding

 Final Boss Fight Branding

My buddy John heads a blog network covering videogame news – These are a few of the images made for the site itself. I’ve done logos for the sites, the podcast, a couple of recurring features and the news recap, as well as a few other assets. The main logo (top right) has also been adapted for use on staff shirts, business cards and their microphone flag.

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Jailbreak 2011 poster

Jailbreak Poster 2011

The posters for the University of Bradford Student Union are vibrant and full of colour… but some make me feel a bit ill. I decided to remake their 2010 “Jailbreak” logo and poster.

While the brown tint reduces the poster’s eye-grabbing power, it’s important for the overall prison theme – it calls back to old cartographer’s maps (like Indiana Jones would fly over), Wild West wanted posters, and O Brother, Where Art Thou?.

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Donkey Sanctuary advert


Mock full-page magazine advert for The Donkey Sanctuary. Their website has a pleasing colour scheme, which has been carried over to this print. I also used a method from The Sun newspaper, in that specific words are made bold for emphasis.

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Society leaflet

society leaflet, side A

A roll fold 6-page leaflet for my uni group, which matched their website design at the time.

Society leaflet, side B

Save Someone logo


Branding for an associate’s first aid / CPR training business.

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Footwear advert

Footwear Advert

An advertisement for an outdoor goods retailer, focusing on footwear. This is actually a preferred yet alternative take, which
sprung to mind while laying out a different composition. The main paragraph originally began “your hairdresser’s prime question – so what’s your answer?”.

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TimeLock app concept

iphone app screens

This is an old proof of concept for an iOS app (pre-Retina Display). The colour scheme could divide opinion, but the idea was to incorporate the (brass) padlock colour into the layout, while it provides contrast to the soft blue.

Slide the image to move through the screenshots.

Duck Race

Duck Race poster

Self-explanatory really – an [unofficial] advertisement for the Hebden Bridge Duck Race. Let me point out that the bridges on the poster’s map resemble the actual bridges used for the race.

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