Christmas Colours

Last year my Christmas cards were store-bought with a doodle drawn inside. This year my own watercolours are on the front!


Each card has a different picture; I’m particularly pleased with how the animals (drawn from reference) came out. The pics are applied to the front of each card with a gold backing, and a bit of gold ribbon in a tiny classic knot.

A few more and i’d have an advent calendar.

Handy hint: Don’t use layout paper for final works. It’s good for tracing and roughing out, but layout paper creases when you rub lines out too vigorously, apply any water, or cough too heavily while sat at the same desk. Photoshop came in extra handy here, not only for scanning and reprinting work, but also to remove those wrinkles (as many fashion magazine editors will tell you).

As the cards have now hit their mark, there are no surprises to spoil. Click any image below to launch the gallery and get a larger look!

Now to head home for a few days, where the central heating and the home-cooked meals are plentiful. Merry Christmas, Happy Hogswatch, have a pleasant Saturnalia, or just enjoy seasonal time off!